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Basically our tooth is hollow in the centre and this hollow portion contains the nerves and blood supply of the tooth. When we have a cavity and if the cavity becomes deep reaching the central pulp then the tissue in the centre gets infected and the pus resulting gets collected at the base of the tooth in the bone.

In such a case just filling the tooth will not help as the pus and the dead tissue making the pus has to be removed and only then the tooth can be closed

An effective way of cleansing the tooth of the dead tissue and draining the pus is to approach the pus from the canals in the root
An opening is made in the tooth and all the dead tissue is removed from the canals.

The pus is drained and dressings are given till the wound in the base heals.

As soon as the pus is all cleared and the the infected tissue is removed from within the canals of the tooth the tooth is ready to be sealed and crowned for longer life.

As the entire disinfecting procedure is done thru the canals in the roots it is called root canal treatment

Almost all RCT ed teeth require a crown as this helps make the structure stronger and prevents the tooth from breaking in the long run.

At Smile Dental Care Root Canal Treatments are done regularly using the latest and best options available .Contrary to general belief RCT are pretty painless and are done under local anesthesia.


One sitting RCT treatments can also be done ,but depending on the type of infection we may advise one or two more sittings if required to enable complete healing and long term success .

At Smile Dental Care all files and materials used in the RCT procedure are of the best quality and only certified and reputed imported files and materials are used .

Sterilization being of utmost importance in the clinic all files are individually packed and autoclaved for every case ensuring total asepsis.