Caps and Bridges


Caps / Crowns
Crowns or caps are different terms for the same thing .These are external coverings made for the teeth to strengthen the tooth structure if the tooth has got weakened due to some cracks or huge cavity or after a Root canal treatment.
Crowns are made such as to restore the FORM, FUNCTION and ESTHETICS of the tooth.

Basically crown procedure involves
1 Preparing the tooth to receive a crown
2.Cementing the crown in place

The crowns have to be fabricated in a lab and thus it is a 2/3 sitting procedure involving preparation of the tooth, recording an impression of the tooth, sending the impression to the laboratory and getting a crown made and finally cementing the crown in the patient’s mouth.

At Smile Dental Care we have a huge array of different crowns which can be used to suit different cases and budgets

Crowns can be largely divided into 2 categories

1 Aesthetic (tooth looking) crowns
2 Non Esthetic crowns (Made of Metal)

Some of the most commonly used crowns are NiCr (Nickel Chromium) or White metal crowns and Ceramic /Porcelain crowns

Depending upon the type of stress the tooth has to encounter and the condition of the tooth beneath the crown, also the area of the mouth where the crown lies and the Para functional habits (like pan chewing etc) the type of cap best suited is selected and is advised to the patient.

Metallic crowns or ceramic crowns also have many further variations and after discussing your case the we can help u choose the one best suited for you.

At Smile Dental Care we ensure that the materials used for the impression are the very best (A –silicone ) and the best labs are handed over the work after careful and precise tooth preparation specially for that type of crown.

In some cases the dentist may even defer the cap and advise a Composite build-up if the tooth structure is strong enough to hold on after a bonding procedure to enhance strength …this may save your time and also is hardly a fraction of the cost of a crown.

Various caps done at the clinic include

  • NiCr /Wm Crowns
  • Porcelain Fused to metal
  • Porcelain fused to precious metal
  • Metal free ceramic
  • Ceramic fused to Zirconia
  • Lava crowns etc.

Smile Dental Care now also offers the very best and latest in crowns available across the globe ----“LAVA” crowns from 3M for those extra demanding cases and highly esthetic cases.


  • A bridge is a fixed method of replacing missing teeth .
  • Basically a bridge consists of capping the 2 teeth on either side of the missing tooth and attaching a dummy tooth to the 2 caps to replace the missing tooth.
  • Since it involves 2 supports on either side of the gap to close the gap it is called a bridge
  • Bridges can be made of practically all the materials that are used for crowns.
  • They have been made since ages and are one of the easiest and best methods to replace missing teeth with a fixed prosthesis which mimics the lost tooth .
  • They are fixed and don’t have to be removed by the patient and function as well as the original tooth in form function and feel.

Digital CT Scan

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