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Children are the most important pearls that matter to any parent.

At Smile Dental Care we understand this and take care of your precious little ones with the utmost care possible.

Now days due to the increased consumption of sweets and aerated drinks children are more prone to dental cavities and every parent must take all precautions to avoid their child from ending up with cavities and pain associated with that.

Most of the advanced countries across the globe nowadays practice more of PREVENTIVE DENTISTRY rather than CORRECTIVE DENTISTRY i.e. they carry out preventive procedures before hand so as to avoid getting any dental problems.

At Smile Dental Care we carry out regular Fluoridation and Sealants for the kids so as to prevent them from getting cavities.,/p>

These are simple procedures done to the teeth and have proven to very effective in preventing cavities.

In case your child does end up having cavities, it must be looked into immediately and not left to worsen as the milk teeth lay the foundation for the eruption of the permanent teeth .Premature loss or decay of the milk teeth can cause serious problems with the permanent set of teeth.

Be a part of the educated informed group of parents and get your child’s teeth examined early so as to avoid any pain to him/her later.

At Smile Dental Care we have a regular fluoridation and sealants program – in this once you enroll your child for the same, we give you 6 monthly reminders to come with your child to the clinic for his fluoridation regime and as and when the permanent teeth erupt sealants are applied to prevent ant cavities.

Regular fluoridation and Sealants are a proven method, across the globe, to reduce cavities and other dental problems.

Fluoridation is a safe and easy way to strengthen the teeth and children like it as the fluoride gels now days are available in various ice cream like flavours like vanilla raspberry bubble gum etc.


Should I clean my baby's teeth?
Definitely !! Even before the first tooth appears, use a soft, clean cloth to wipe your baby's gums and cheeks after feeding. As soon as the first tooth appears, begin using a small, soft bristled tooth brush to clean the tooth after eating. Don't cover the brush with toothpaste. Young children tend to swallow most of the toothpaste, and swallowing too much fluoridated toothpaste can cause permanent spots on their teeth called dental fluorosis.

I find brushing my child's teeth awkward. Any suggestions?
Try having your child standing, have his/her back to you with their head tilted slightly and resting against your body. Have your child hold a mirror while you brush and floss their teeth so your child can see what is being done.

Is it important to brush before bed?
Yes. If you have to miss a brushing, the bedtime one is probably the worst one to miss. If you don't get rid of the bacteria and sugar that cause cavities, they have all night to do harm. While you are awake, saliva helps keep the mouth clean. When you are asleep, there is less saliva produced to clean the mouth. For this reason it is important to brush before bedtime.

How to brush your child's teeth?
Every day plaque forms on the inner, outer, and chewing surface of teeth and the gums. Tooth brushing is one of the most effective ways to remove the plaque. The best kind of toothbrush to use is one with soft, round-tipped bristles. A child will need a smaller brush than an adult.

Young children do not have the manual dexterity to brush properly. Your child will need your supervision and help brushing until he or she is 8-10 years old to ensure a thorough brushing has been done. When the bristles become bent or frayed, a new brush is needed.

What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay
Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, or Baby Bottle Syndrome, or Nursing Bottle Mouth are all terms used to describe a dental condition, which involves the rapid decay of many or all the baby teeth of an infant or child.

The teeth most likely to be damaged are the upper front teeth. They are some of the first teeth to erupt and thus have the longest exposure time to the sugars in the bottle. The lower front teeth tend to be protected by the tongue as the child sucks on the nipple of the bottle or the breast.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay is caused by frequent exposure of a child’s teeth for long periods of time to liquid containing sugars. When your baby falls asleep with:

  • a bottle containing formula, milk or juice
  • a pacifier dipped in honey
  • while breast feeding

The liquid pools around the front teeth. During sleep, the bacteria living in every baby’s mouth, turns the milk sugar or other sugars to acid, which causes the decay.

Parents may not know there is a problem until serious damage has been done. You can prevent this from happening to your child’s teeth by learning how to protect them.

Clean your child’s teeth daily

  • never allow your child to fall asleep with a bottle filled with juice, milk, or formula (or when awake, sip on it for long periods of time as a pacifier)
  • start bottle weaning by at least a year
  • give your child plain water for thirst
  • make sure your child gets the fluoride needed to prevent decay
  • have regular dental visits for your child beginning when their first tooth erupts

Remember your child requires his/her milk teeth till the age of 12 yrs and they are important for his health and also to ensure that his permament teeth erupt properly .So his/her milk teeth cannot be ignored just because he will a second set.
Early loss of milk teeth can lead to many problems such as
Improper eruption of the permanent teeth
Malnutrition, as food is not chewed properly
Physcological problems due to bad anterior teeth
Impaction of permanent teeth due to lack of space due to early loss of milk teeth

Thus timely and proper care of milk teeth is of utmost importance to ensure good and healthy permanent teeth.

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